Financial Issues and Cognitive Impairment with the Elderly

Date: Wednesday, November 17, 2021
Time: 9:00am - 10:30am
Location: Zoom
Speaker: Mr. Michael Sluka, Esq., Mrs. Sonia Aufiero, and Mrs. Susan Greenbaum

Financial Issues and Cognitive Impairment with the Elderly

Date:  Wednesday, November 17, 2021
Time:  9:00am - 10:30am
Location:  Zoom

Speakers: Mr. Michael Sluka, Esq., Mrs. Sonia Aufiero and Mrs. Susan Greenbaum

For professionals in the financial world, we read about elder and financial abuse, the elderly and cognitive impairment, and various related. Unfortunately, with people living longer, but not necessarily healthier, all of these issues are becoming more common in today’s day and age. With cognitive issues and impairment, comes a host of various issues and situations. Even if there is no abuse, the elderly is more vulnerable today than ever before. Cognitive issues and impairment are more common today than ever before. There are many different types and forms of elder abuse, not just limited to financial, mental, and physical. There is no typical victim or target. Some of the scams and scenarios have become so sophisticated and appearing so legitimate, anyone can be a victim.

In this very informative and relevant session, various experts from the Northern NJ professional community, will talk about financial matters related to the elderly, cognitive impairment, neglect, guardianship, and a host of other issues pertaining to the elderly, and individuals, who may lack capacity or have some cognitive impairment. Whether the elderly is being exploited, or are simply vulnerable and at risk, there are various governmental and community agencies that not only provide support, but also have the job of protecting the elderly, both in and out of the legal system, and they can provide care for them as well. Whether it be case management, legal proceedings, guardianship, financial oversight, or care, the Bergen County Board of Social Services (BCBSS) and the Adult Protective Service (APS) group, and of Jewish Family & Children’s Services of Northern New Jersey are all on the front-line of all this work.

The Greater New Jersey Estate Planning Council is very excited to have a panel of well-known professional leaders in the Northern NJ community as our guest speakers. Mr. Michael Sluka, Esq., is Counsel for the Bergen County Board of Social Services (BCBSS) and provides legal counsel and representation in all affairs and proceedings involving elder and financial abuse, capacity, guardianship, exploitation, as well as other matters. As BCBSS counsel Mr. Sluka files Guardianship actions on behalf of APS to prevent abuse, neglect, or financial exploitation, for the elderly and those who are considered at risk, vulnerable, or have issues with cognitive impairment and capacity. While Mr. Sluka represents BCBSS and APS in Guardianship Proceedings in Superior Court, he also provides advice and guidance, across other programs, and represents BCBSS in proceedings including Child Support, on matters involving Temporary Assistance to Needy Families (TANF), Division of Child Protection and Permanency (DCPP) and Uniform Intestate Family Support Act (UIFSA) matters. Mr. Sluka also reviews trusts to determine whether assets should be countable resources for purposes of Medicaid qualifications.

Mrs. Sonia Aufiero is the Supervisor for the Adult Protective Services (APS) group, which is part of the Bergen County Board of Social Services. Mrs. Aufiero supervises the staff of APS and establishes procedures and protocols for the organization’s work and mission. She is also responsible for assessing and managing the group’s employees, as well as providing training for casework, case management, techniques, and practices. Mrs. Aufiero oversees APS’s cases, and provides leadership and consultation to social workers, for problem identification, diagnosis, and solutions. She evaluates case and client issues, and navigates rules, regulations, and policies and procedures. Mrs. Aufiero is also responsible for establishing relationships with other organizations, agencies, and programs, to network and collaborate with each other, resulting in better, more efficient, and more effectives services for the Bergen County community.

Mrs. Susan Greenbaum, MSW, is the Chief Executive Officer of Jewish Family & Children’s Services of Northern New Jersey (JFCS). JFCS is the leading social service agency and provides various services to the Northern NJ community, focusing on four key areas – Older Adult Services, Mental Health Services, Food Insecurity Services, and Basic Needs Assistance. They serve clients from Bergen, Passaic, and Hudson County. Inside the Older Adults Services, a lot of the JFCS work begins with case management and the older adult community. From initial contact and entry-point, JFCS provides a broad spectrum of services to individuals and families. Mrs. Greenbaum’s extensive background, both as a licensed clinical social worker, and as an executive, provides her with a unique and extensive perspective on the elderly and their needs throughout the Northern NJ community.

This is going to be a “Don’t Miss” event. Please join us for this very informative and exciting event.

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