Charitable Strategies – How To Open The Conversation With Your Clients/Prospects, And How To Incorporate Philanthropic Planning Into Your Practice

Date: Wednesday, March 13, 2019
Time: 8:00am - 10:15am
Location: Bacari Grill
Speaker: Paul Hansen, CFP, ChFC, CLU, CAP; Morgan Stanley, Short Hills, NJ; NY, NY


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When: Wednesday, March 13th, 2019
Where: Bacari Grill in Washington Township, NJ
Time: 8:00 am to 10:15 am
Speaker: Paul Hansen, CFP, ChFC, CLU, CAP; Morgan Stanley
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Of course, most of us as professionals are familiar with philanthropic and charitable planning. We can effectively answer questions when our clients ask. Many professionals can even identify opportunities and situations where charitable techniques might be a potential solution. However, in today’s landscape, with massively high Federal estate tax exemptions – what has become more important to our clients? What do we as professionals have to do for our clients, and how do we differentiate ourselves from our competition? What advantage do you as a professional have? In today’s world where everyone has access to the same information, the same products, the same strategies, and techniques – how a professional applies that information and how a one crafts and develops a strategy for a client, is just one way you can differentiate yourself. If you approach, think, and plan to have a different conversation with your client, you can do a better job for your clients.

Why should we be incorporating charitable planning into our practices and into our conversations with our clients? For our March event, we will hear from a nationally known expert, Paul Hansen – from Morgan Stanley – about why we should be talking to our clients about charitable planning. We've seen changes in the tax laws/code, higher exemptions, lower estate tax rates, higher income tax rates, and more. Many professionals think charitable planning is simply for clients who are charitable. Is it? Charitable techniques and strategies can create and transfer large amounts of wealth. If a professional You’ve changed the conversation from product based, to strategy based. Paul will present and educate us on changing the approach, the conversation – and understanding that if you change and create the conversation and the strategy, not only do you then own the strategy, but you as the professional now “own” the client for a lifetime relationship.

Charitable and philanthropic planning planned giving strategies, when properly used can not only compliment an estate plan – but can also create, protect, and transfer massive amounts of wealth. The presentation will start with a discussion on the basic foundation of effective charitable planning, the concept of ‘Social Capital’ and will move on to a review of all the strategies, from bequests, gift annuities, remainder trusts, lead trusts, private foundation, donor advised funds and life insurance gifts.

Many presentations focus on charitable strategies and technical issues. However, the real issue is how a professional uses that knowledge to increase revenue and benefit their client. How does an advisor market their new found knowledge and their new found approach?  How does an advisor market to other allied professionals (e.g., CPA’s/Accountants, Attorneys, Wealth Management professionals, Financial Planners, etc.). How does an advisor leverage relationships with nonprofit organizations? How does an advisor have a ‘follow the money’ referral discussion with existing clients?

The presentation will cover all of that – as well as how to “prospect” and close charitable client matters, which will result in additional sales and revenue while building, and protecting, a great clientele. The presentation includes interaction with the audience, and mini role plays demonstrating interactions between advisor, client, allied professional and nonprofit board member.

Don't miss this brand-new, informative presentation. It will not only help our clients but will help us as professionals.


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