A New Paradigm, And A New Mindset In Estate Planning

Date: Wednesday, June 13, 2018
Time: 7:30am - 11:00am
Location: Seasons
Speaker: Thomas C. Rogerson, Family Integrated Wealth Solutions, Boston, MA


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While “estate planning” can have many meanings, both to professionals and clients, in today’s new and ever-changing world – there is an entirely different dimension of planning…one that very few professionals even think about, yet alone incorporate into their planning and into their discussions with their clients. In today’s day and age, clients are very often concerned about transferring things other than wealth and assets. Yes, philanthropic aspects can come into play, and many professionals do address that. However, there is more. There are other elements to planning, other desires that clients are concerned about. Are they addressed? Are they even thought about or mentioned? These other elements can – and should – come into play. Family dynamics, with children, and grandchildren, extended and nuclear families, non-traditional families, marriage, divorce, vision, morals, values, ethics, and much more. And, how do you incorporate all of that into the estate planning you do for your clients?

With very high Federal exemption amounts, less clients having a Federal estate tax liability, more clients are concerned about “non-tax” issues. And there are countless issues. The non-tax driven estate plan is becoming more common. Income tax planning has become more necessary and vital. More clients are starting to look at “legacy” and what that means, in addition to “assets” – so how do we as professionals address this? Intra-family & intra-generational planning are far from new; however, there is a lot that is new within this area. Every client/family is different, so what are the family dynamics and how does that impact planning? Family governance has become a “hot” topic and while some immediately dismiss it, more are paying attention to it. Some assume it is only relevant to the ultra-wealthy.

Thomas C. Rogerson; former Managing Director, with Wilmington Trust Company, and currently the CEO of Family Integrated Wealth Solutions, in Boston, MA, is the leading expert in the country in this exciting arena. Tom brought this entire topic to Wilmington Trust, developed, implemented and expanded the endeavor nationwide. Tom is now heading up his own organization and is now focusing on bringing this topic and this type of work to professionals nationwide. Tom has been a featured speaker and presented on the predecessor to this topic at Heckerling in 2015.  Many saw him at Heckerling and were ultra-impressed, so we immediately moved to get Tom as a speaker! As a result, many of you will remember Tom came to NJ and presented to us back in 2016 – and the feedback was nothing short of phenomenal. Tom is a nationally known expert and has traveled throughout the country working with and presenting to families and professionals as well.

Just in the last few years, Tom has taken this topic to an entirely new level, and for the first time anywhere, Tom will introduce us to the many of the new aspects of this area of wealth and planning. During the 3 hour presentation, Tom will take us from the basics to the advanced for various types of family planning – for ALL types of clients, not just the ultra-wealthy. Tom will talk about many topics that professionals sometimes shy away from or even neglect – including preparing one’s family for wealth, considerations behind selecting a trustee, using a committees or a “roster of trustees” in various roles, including and talking to children and grandchildren about the family, family members, and wealth. Tom will also talk about a new concept – “The One Team Relationship Fee” and “The Professional Advisor Team” – as well as the critical topic of how to implement the overall family plan.

Why are most estate plans almost exclusively about “money,” taxes, assets, etc.? Yet recent studies have shown that clients are interested in and have their desires centered around their family, family members, and what they want to accomplish aside from assets, taxes, etc. How can we as professionals address that disconnect? Much of this and more is especially important now that Federal Estate Taxes will impact a smaller and smaller number of families. Before estate taxes, estate planning was far more about the people, process, and places. Can we get back to that type of planning? Not just to desired family outcomes, but to grow our estate planning practices for the future.

Tom will also talk about his very exciting new paradigm of planning…The FAST Solution to Family Planning…also known as the Family Advancement Sustainability Trust. Just imagine if you could design a trust that not only includes all of the tax-driven elements you need for the estate plan, but also the aspects that can help a family work together, have more efficient and more effective communications and family and business decisions, and incorporate what is really important to that family client and their desired outcomes. Well, all of this is now possible.

Tom is revolutionizing the estate planning industry…so do not miss this event!!!

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